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Support a place where everyone belongs

We're on the brink of something beautiful.

Help us complete our projects to make our Masjid more sustainable to continue to serve:

children's spiritual development


youth looking for answers


those looking to find deeper experience & meaning in their relationship with God


anyone looking to be met where they are on their spiritual journey

To complete our final steps of establishing steady income streams, we need to retrofit our building to extend the daycare into its second phase (adding preschool classrooms) & complete our Masjid. 

We hope you will contribute to our 100K goal this Ramadan. 

With the vision of co-founder and current Executive Director Hamdi ben Aissa, the Rhoda is working to liberate the transformative power of faith through ceremony, community development, and artistic expression. 

More than a prayer space - the Rhoda is a safe and welcoming space for individuals, families, and children, to: 

  • reconnect to the joyful spirit of faith 

  • connect sincerely to God and to one another

  • reclaim the heritage of the Beloved Messenger of God (may God empower his legacy and our connection to him)


Fostering a healthy culture is a key ingredient for our spiritual community to thrive. The Rhoda is developing this healthy culture - a vessel of faith - by creating beautiful ceremonies.

Combining rituals with deep intentions
Cherishing every moment as sacred

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A sacred space for all...

…where individuals and families can come together and celebrate Divine love through friendship, art, ceremony, and service 
…where people of all ages can blossom and reconnect with the tremendous potential that God has placed inside each and every heart
Our mission is to support the spiritual, intellectual and emotional development of individuals, families, and the community. 

Some of the current and past projects of the Rhoda Foundation include:

  • Rhoda masjid space

  • Daycare project

  • Gatherings of remembrance

  • Youth mentorship

  • Music and art classes

  • Community garden

  • And so much more…

A beautiful space inside and out
Where thousands have experienced God's healing Grace

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May you be a supporter, who responds beautifully to this call, and joins us in saving this project and planting the seeds of faith for the generations to come.

The Rhoda Foundation (Sanad Collective) is a registered charity & all donations made by Canadian donors are tax deductible.

Charitable registration number: 818021594RR0001

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