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Circle Of Light
Youth Leadership Program

A program to empower young men and women (ages 12 to 18)  through teaching the art of Islamic thinking and living. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses various aspects of Islamic and universal spirituality and practical life skills. This program is designed to equip the youth with the skills and values they need to become compassionate, empathetic, and visionary leaders.

12 - 18 Years Old



Empowering youth to become compassionate and visionary leaders of tomorrow who are grounded in beautiful Islamic values and principles through

  • Mentorship 

  • Workshops

  • Educational classes

  • Community Engagement


Program Highlights

Connected mentors who are acquainted with the struggles of today's youth 

Opportunities to build relations  with Indigenous (Algonquin) leaders and community

A safe space to ask difficult questions about faith and life. 

Holistic approach to youth development & growth

Program Overview 

What’s in our Name?

By Allah’s grace, we intend to keep the Saturday School an ongoing annual offering at the Rhoda Masjid. Each year there will be a different name which reflects the intention of the year, and the story of the school. For our first year, we draw from the folktale Stonesoup using the symbolism of the story to reflect our humble beginnings, and we invite our community to believe in this initiative and help build this vision so that all the children may grow and benefit in community. Stone by stone, vegetable by vegetable, we will cook a delicious soup for all to enjoy.


The Saturday School will run for 10 weeks from 9am to 2pm:

September   23. 30

October        7. 14. 21. 28

November    4. 11. 18. 25


Please note that this is a drop-off program. There are two additional dates in Term I when we would love the children and their families to attend in order to celebrate the Mawlid of our Prophet ﷺ; the birth of Light and Guidance which are Sunday, October 1st and Sunday, October 15th from 11am to 1pm. More information will be shared upon registration.

Once you complete the registration form and submit the payment, you will be automatically added to an email list where you will receive a Parent Handbook, and receive biweekly newsletters to share what the children have been doing at the school.


Registration & Fees

To build community, and nurture in every child and every parent a beautiful and deeply rooted love for Our Creator, Allah ﷻ and the most beloved of all creation, His Messenger ﷺ. 

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